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TALAMUS Industries was founded in 2017  as an offshoot of TALAMUS LTD of Odessa Ukraine, by merging the highly technical and innovative machine shop, custom fabrication, engineering, and control systems development departments created by TALAMUS Ltd to service its own manufacturing work, into a full service supplier for manufacturers in Ukraine, Europe and North America.

TALAMUS Industries draws on expertise developed over the 100 year old tradition of tin packaging founded in the late 1800’s by ChernomerPolygraphMetal (CPM), the original facility and Odessa landmark that is now home to TALAMUS LTD. TI is unique in Ukraine for its soup-to-nuts approach to the needs of manufacturers: from prototyping to full on automation to turnkey factory setups, TALAMUS Industries has the ‘forged in fire’ expertise to customise a solution that works.


In the years since its launch in 2017, TALAMUS Industries has grown from servicing TALAMUS LTD and its local market to offering its expertise beyond its local borders, ready to provide clients around the globe the best in customized processing and systems consulting, while its outstanding technical teams provide custom manufacturing for short-run and low-volume projects, complete product development, design and development of automation systems, and the restoration and modernization of production lines and machines.


In addition to making its services available to a global customer base, TALAMUS INDUSTRIES’ project capacities continue to support TALAMUS LTD in driving cost effective innovation and technological solutions development. And as has been the case from the very beginning, TALAMUS Industries’ driving goal is to continue to provide each and every one of its clients the project solutions that bring those same cost savings, and time and process optimization.




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