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TALAMUS Industries believes strongly in the power of education, so to assist promising young technicians to excel in the highly specialised work done at TALAMUS Industries (TI) through its newest initiative, the “CNC School.” 

CNC School courses are developed by Talamus Industries, and cover the basics of what CNC machines and machine tools are, providing the necessary depth of knowledge you will need to work successfully at TALAMUS Industries (TI)  or elsewhere. Courses include basic concepts of metalworking, machining, introduction to CNC machining, as well as a host of more specialised knowledge and training.

CNC School offers course certification from TALAMUS Industries after successfully completion of each course and the applicable exam. After successfully completing each course and the applicable exam at CNC School, TALAMUS Industries will issue a Certificate of Acknowleddment in recognition of this significant milestone.   

CNC School offers three main levels of training, along with a number of additional opportunities for learning:

BASIC (CNC machine operator)
   The course covers:
          Machine capabilities
          Primary operator skills
          Working with ready-made programs
          Basics of reading drawings


STANDARD (CNC Machine Operator and Setter
   The course covers:
          Advanced machining concepts
          Basic knowledge required to work on CNC machines
          Acquisition and consolidation of operator skills
          Reading CD, drawings, tolerances and fit
          Types and properties of materials
          Basics of programming


PRO (CNC Machine Operator and Programming Fundamentals)
   The course covers:
          Reading CD, drawings (not trivial cases)
          Models, making 3D-models according to your drawing
          Materials Science
          Machine tooling with CNC and non-CNC
          Optimal modes and efficient trajectories
          Drawing programs and machine tools
          Model generation in CAM programs for 3 or more axes
          Preparation of programs for the manufacture of parts


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