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CNC Wire and Sinker EDM

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Does your product have specific challenges like blind cavities, thin walls, sharp corners or blind keyways? TALAMUS Industries offers high precision CNC Wire and Sinker EDM to resolve those challenges and give you the most precise solutions you need.

Parameters of machined parts:
wire EDM working envelope 1375*760*295 mm
sinker EDM working envelope 950*725*410 mm
surface finish (Ra) 0,4 µm
complicated contours tolerance 0,01 - 0,001 mm

Advantages of TI CNC Wire and Sinker EDM

  • Machining conductive materials (any hardness) on wire EDM in dimensions of up to 1375 * 760 * 295 mm, and on sinker EDM in dimensions of up to 950 * 725 * 410 mm
  • We can machine complex and intricate parts with tolerances of up to ±0.01 mm, and surface finish of 0.8 µm
  • EDM milling

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