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Do you have a product, concept or facility but need assistance putting together the rest of the manufacturing puzzle?  Here at TALAMUS Industries we can help you with any scenario, from finding or creating a product to manufacture, to creating or customising a full factory operation, to building out a product or concept you want to develop. 

How Can We Help You? 

Would you like to walk into a Turnkey Factory all ready for your product, or simply modernize your existing production facility, breathing new life into your old product with the newest technological approach? Maybe you  need to optimize production costs – we have a great team with the unique experience to make the most of every step you take as you grow your business.

From Product Idea to Concept, to Design, Prototyping and Product Optimization, through Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Cost Optimization,  Tooling and Production Machinery Design…all the way to on-site Set-Up and Personnel Training, we’ve got you covered.

Basic Timeline (weeks):
Product analysis 1-2
Product concept design 1-4
Prototyping 2-3
Market analysis 2-8
Technology development 2-8
Tooling and equipment inventory 1-4
Tooling and equipment development 2-12
Tooling and equipment manufacturing and/or procurement 2-25
Equipment and production line set-up, on-site production start up 2-8

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